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Applications for Research Assistants 2017!!!
by Mithriel MacKay - Tuesday, 6 September 2016, 12:55 AM
Applications are now being accepted for up to four (4) research assistants for the Puerto Rico Humpback Whale Project.

Detailed instructions are available on the Home Page of the Education Hub. Please click on the appropriate link in the block on the right side of the Home Page and submit your application before October 10, 2016.Applications must be submitted through the Education Hub to be considered.

Please download the instructions on the Home Page of the Education Hub.

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Certificates in Open Water SCUBA and Field Techniques!
by Mithriel MacKay - Saturday, 30 April 2016, 06:56 PM


10 dives in 12 days in the Caribbean!

The program is designed to provide a means for obtaining Open Water SCUBA diving certification and marine science field techniques. The curricula is designed for university students who do not have any experience in SCUBA and wish to obtain skills for field science work related to marine sciences (including marine biology and ecology).

 The MCERC course will work in collaboration with dive masters certified to teach Open Water Diving and science based submarine field techniques for collecting data. The course includes instruction of field techniques used in marine science, and reinforced after completion of Open Water Diving certification during additional dives.

Field days include snorkeling, SCUBA diving (boat and beach dives), beach surveys, lab days for introduction to related software programs used in data collection.

Details under Course Categories

H   To enroll:

-Review the detailed course description and release forms on the MCERC Education Hub (

-Email requesting passcodes for the Education Hub.

-You will receive instructions on how to enroll and submit the non-refundable program fee. Enrollment and payment of the program fee secures your spot in the program.

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Marine Mammal Field Techniques
by Mithriel MacKay - Monday, 28 September 2015, 12:50 PM

Marine Mammal Field Techniques (3, one-week sessions!)

Skill builder and beach fun!

November 22-28, 2015;

January 03-9, 2016 or

and January 10-16, 2016


Participants in this program will spend 5 days in the field learning skills important to marine mammal research and two days snorkeling near shore reefs.

Each day we will focus on a different skill and include a round table discussion in the evening. This program is meant to be low stress and enjoyable!

A maximum of 8 students (and 2 MCERC faculty members) will cover the following:

Ø Theodolite tracking and theory

Ø Passive acoustic monitoring data collection

Ø Acoustic analysis software

Ø Marine Mammal identification

Ø Capture-recapture studies (fluke and fin matching)

Bring your own snorkel gear and a camera because we will be working from beautiful cliffs and swimming/snorkeling from Puerto Rico’s Caribbean beaches.

Cost of this program is $900.00USD (nonrefundable) and includes the instruction fee, a bunk at the field house, all meals (we cook together), and transportation to all field sites and beaches. The program fee does not include transportation to and from San German, Puerto Rico.

As with all MERC program…DO NOT PURCHASE AIRFARE until we confirm the program session is full!

To join us in this program; email and ask for access to the register for this program. Detailed instructions will be emailed back to you!

There are only 8 spots for this program, so register quickly!

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