Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), also known as “drones” or “quads”, are becoming more popular and affordable. Innovative applications for drones include capturing images for the purpose of studying marine and terrestrial wildlife. MCERC’s Drone Academy will teach you the skills you need to build and operate your own UAS.

Drone Flight School begins by getting your hands on the components of a drone and assembling a machine of your own. Our faculty will guide you through a detailed understanding of the components of your drone with the belief that this will lead to customizing your machines to support your personal goals.

Flight School and Video Capture and Production School are taught by skilled and experienced pilots with a passion for teaching and conservation. You can start in the MCERC Drone Academy Flight School without any experience, or select the programs at an advanced level. Video Capture and Production is designed to share the techniques of capturing clear images useful for data collection, industry applications, and hobby flights. Advanced video Production includes professional capture and editing tools and techniques to get the most out of your images.

Sessions for Drone Academy are held from Friday afternoon through Sunday, late afternoon. This accommodates busy work and school schedules. Week long programs can be requested when 8 or more people are interested in completing multiple classes in succession. This intensive schedule is convenient for people traveling. Alternatively, we may be able to bring Drone Academy programs to you!

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