Global Ecology Marine Series

Travel the world with us as we explore the marine and coastal biodiversity in vastly different places! Central America, Europe, Africa, Australia, the Caribbean...we've got it covered! Meet people from around the globe where each field site provides its own unique experiences, ecosystems, skills, culture, and opportunities. 

This experiential program is designed to teach field skills while we gather data from land. small boats, and snorkeling. Each location will focus on local flora and fauna. You will be guided by experienced field biologists to explore and develop critical thinking skills. We will discuss challenges for marine managers and local residents who are dependent on healthy coastal habitats for supporting the local economy.

Each location offers different opportunities to explore. You do not need to have any prior experience to join any of these amazing sessions and have the experience of a lifetime! 

Details for each location are updated as enrollment is open. Please scroll through the sessions below and open the link for program fees and activities.