Internships and mentoring (structured curricula programs) available with MCERC programs and faculty are listed in this category. 

Each internship is designed to provide practical experience and skills in a specific area of research, are short in duration, and do not include structured curricula and assignments.

Mentorships are longer in duration and include structured curricula, assignments, faculty instruction and have a course fee associated with the curricula. Mentorships include an element of marine resources management, or natural resources management, in order to support preparation for job opportunities and graduate school applications. 

Mentorships at MCERC are structured curricula. Formats vary; however, all internships include supervision by MCERC faculty and a commitment by each student to complete the associated tasks. All mentorships include a final project and a written evaluation of knowledge acquisition.   A certificate of completion will be awarded to all students who successfully complete the curricula.

Opportunities become available throughout the year and vary in topic, duration, location (including e-learning), and prerequisites. Please be sure to read the details of each internship to fully understand the commitment.

Only fully completed applications which have followed the instructions for submitting here will be considered.

Internship Applications

This section is designed to accept applications for internships with MCERC as they are announced.

Follow all the instructions carefully. 

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

There is no cost to enter this section of the Education Hub.

 1.  Create a free account and return here to enter. 

 2.  Click on the "enrol me" button to get inside and read all the information details.

 3.  Follow all the instructions carefully.

 4.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

 5.  Applicants will be required to participate in at least two interviews before new interns are selected for any enrollment period.

6. Be sure to read the information below before applying to assure you meet the qualifications for an internship.

7. Interns must apply themselves. Applications submitted by a person other than the applicant cannot be considered.


Thank you for your interest in the Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center!

This section is designed to allow university students (working towards or already awarded at least a bachelor's degree in marine biology or related discipline) to participate in MCERC research projects. The internships in this section allow for more flexibility than the MCERC internship dedicated programs designed with a structured curriculum.

There are limited opportunities for high school (years 9 - 12) to earn service hours which are valued for college applications. Please submit an application in this section and clearly indicate your age, year (grade) in school, contact information for a teacher who is willing to offer a recommendation for you, and the reason you would like to work with MCERC to earn your service hours.

Internships have been designed to include in person and distance learning options as we continue to find ways to work safely during the global pandemic. 

A list of internships currently available and instructions for submitting an application are inside this section. There is no program fee for participation in any of these internships; however, a time commitment is essential.

MCERC is a science organization. Interns are mentored in robust, ethical, scientific methods for research including understanding the value of peer reviewed literature reviews. The health and well being of our staff is based on the peer reviewed science and recommendations from the W.H.O and the CDC; therefore, all in person activities with an indoor component require participants to be fully vaccinated for COVID19. This policy will be updated periodically as new recommendations follow updated science.

We look forward to chatting with you about your interest in MCERC projects!