Internships and mentoring (structured curricula programs) available with MCERC programs and faculty are listed in this category. 

Each internship is designed to provide practical experience and skills in a specific area of research, are short in duration, and do not include structured curricula and assignments.

Mentorships are longer in duration and include structured curricula, assignments, faculty instruction and have a course fee associated with the curricula. Mentorships include an element of marine resources management, or natural resources management, in order to support preparation for job opportunities and graduate school applications. 

Mentorships at MCERC are structured curricula. Formats vary; however, all internships include supervision by MCERC faculty and a commitment by each student to complete the associated tasks. All mentorships include a final project and a written evaluation of knowledge acquisition.   A certificate of completion will be awarded to all students who successfully complete the curricula.

Opportunities become available throughout the year and vary in topic, duration, location (including e-learning), and prerequisites. Please be sure to read the details of each internship to fully understand the commitment.

Only fully completed applications which have followed the instructions for submitting here will be considered.

Please submit applications here for internships advertised for summer 2021:

Stipend available for outstanding interns:

If you live near Spring Hill, Florida and meet the criteria listed below, this is an opportunity to be part of a support team while being mentored in marine mammalogy, conchology, geology, program development, and organizational tasks.

Now that vaccines are available, there is an opportunity for an interns to participate in person. There will be a stipend provided to two reliable, detail oriented, marine biology interns for this position, which includes organizational tasks and mentoring important to understanding the full scope of research and education. The stiped will be discussed during your interview and is dependent upon several factors covered in that conversation.

Interns MUST:

1. Be able to commit to at least 20 hours per week between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm Monday through Friday; 

2. Be a US citizen or permanent resident;

3. Be fully vaccinated for COVID 19 including the 2 weeks post vaccination period;

4.  Be currently enrolled in a university program for marine biology or a degree relevant to MCERC's work or have recently graduated with at least a bachelor's degree;

5.  Be incredibly reliable and dependable to show up as scheduled and work fully for your hours;

6.  Take the time to learn about MCERC ahead of an interview;

7.  Follow directions carefully and completely as demonstrated by your submission of a letter of interest explaining why you would like this position, how it benefits your future plans, and what you believe is reasonable compensation for you during this internship.

Interns will be required to participate in the CV and PSO courses if they are offered by MCERC during their commitment. These programs are free of charge for interns and research assistants currently working with the MCERC faculty and staff.

To apply:

Upload your application as a single Word or pdf.