Humpback Whale Field Intensive Programs

Participants in the program sessions will be collecting data under the guidance of a team of four research assistants. The sessions are Saturday through Saturday  Saturday is a travel day and half day Sunday is free to take advantage of activities available in each location, including diving, snorkeling, swimming, and beach walking.

Each day we will conduct roundtable discussions over peer reviewed publications. We will learn humpback whale ecology and evolutionary biology, incorporating policy, law, and conservation into the discussions. You will be instructed in software programs related to acoustic data analysis and matching fluke patterns. We will also collect data on other cetaceans off TCI, creating catalogs from our images and images shared by the local whale watchers.

Each week is limited to 4 spots and may be used as internship experience (for those desiring to use this opportunity as a CV builder!). 

Keywords: humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, internship, research assistant, cetacean behavioral ecology , wildlife ecology, acoustics, song, ethogram, theodolite, line transects, abundance, occurrence patterns, association patterns, bathymetry, dolphins, pilot whales, sharks, turtles, manatee, field studies, hydrophones, DSLR photography, photo identification, marine biology, marine mammals, snorkeling