OPEN ENROLLMENTScuba and Science

SCUBA and SCIENCE programs include certification in open water diving.

We will work with local Dive Masters for certification and additional dives focused on marine ecology. Classes will often include work on local submarine research projects after we finish certification.

The SCUBA and SCIENCE programs will run in several warm water locations because learning to dove where the water is clear and warm is amazing!

The dives will all include science skills valuable for field biologists. Each site provides an opportunity to explore local reefs while we practice methods for collecting data.

These programs are designed to build skills for university students who do not have any experience in SCUBA and wish to obtain skills for field science work related to marine sciences (including marine biology and ecology).

All participants are required to complete the online e-learning portion of the PADI Open Water Course at least 30 days prior to the first day of the program. You must be a good swimmer and able to pass the swim test on site to pass the program and participate in the certification dives. Diver Dan Insurance is required (or equivalent). Equipment rentals vary by location. Please read the details specific to each site as enrollment is open.

BE SURE TO UPLOAD THE MEDICAL RELEASE FORM AND THE e-LEARNING certificate showing completion of the on-line portion of the class at least two weeks prior to the start of the course. Space in the course sessions is provided for these documents.

Keywords: SCUBA, snorkeling, coral nursery, buoyancy, research, internship, field studies, open water diver certification, subsurface navigation, night dives, survey techniques, coral nursery, coral reef surveys