OPEN ENROLLMENTMarine Resources Management

You will join a team traveling to a location where the opportunities to identify and investigate marine and coastal resources are readily available. Natural and anthropogenic (human caused) events have the potential to jeopardize the sustainability of resources. Local and federal agencies are tasked with a managing broad scope of challenges in coastal and marine areas including; recreational activities, hurricanes, sea level rising, oil spills, introduction of non-native species, fisheries management, and sustainable/renewable energy strategies. We will engage in discussions focusing on conservation and economically important issues specific to the area. The earth’s population of humans is moving towards, and living along, coastal areas making policy, regulations, and laws an important means to attempt to merge a broad spectrum of human interests. Local activities often have regional and global stake-holders with an interest in conservation and sustainability of ecology, markets, and industry unique to marine and coastal areas. You will participate in identifying and assessing the cultural influences which are critical for integrating into successful management strategies.