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Coming Soon To This Location: the interviews with scientists!

 The Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center (MCERC) needs your school kids who are willing to interview marine and terrestrial biologists and ecologists about their favorite topics in STEM education! MCERC is searching for students in year 1 through university who would like to be our media team. By the way, kids of ALL ages are invited to conduct interviews! All you need is a computer and internet access. Even a smartphone will work.

      If you have a student in your classroom, are a university science major, or a teacher with a class of inquisitive kids, we need you!  Do you have a science project and are stuck for resources or confused about something and wish you could ask an expert? Do you wonder what it's like to hear a whale sing, watch a shark swim by close to you while diving, or wonder how fish find food when it's dark? Perhaps that peer reviewed publication is so confusing that having somebody to explain it would be helpful.  

      MCERC is creating a free resource section on our Education Hub website ( We will be including video clips of scientists being interviewed about topics that interest a wide audience, including students of all ages. We believe that the questions and answers will be more interesting, genuine, and entertaining if the audience we are targeting conduct the interviews. We have the peers who are willing to be interviewed and can always find a subject matter expert to help answer the questions you have, and we need YOU to tell us what you want to talk about!

    Kids under 18 will need parental consent and will be identified by first name only. Only the face and identity of the person being interviewed will be recorded. Interviews will be 5- 15 minutes long and only edited when absolutely necessary to remove long pauses. 

    Interested in volunteering for this "Ask A Scientist...." series? Let us know by emailing with your first name, age, and the topic you would like for an interview.

     Are you a scientist and willing to be interviewed, recorded, and posted on our website for public access? Let us know. We'd love to hear from you too!

MCERC is a non-profit 501c3 research and education organization in the USA based in Florida. The interviews will be free to the public for viewing and will be owned by MCERC. Your participation is voluntary and without compensation, except for the entertainment value and the rich contribution participants will make to people who view the interviews.


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