Research Assistant (RA) applications for several marine and bush programs in South Africa are available for 2021 and 2022. Applications will be accepted in November 2020 and will remain open until all positions are filled. RA positions are designed to build research skills and prepare participants for competitive job and graduate school applications.

RA positions are highly competitive. You are encouraged to apply early. Announcements for these positions will be posted on MCERC social media accounts first.

Please note the following:

All RAs are required to have finished at least a bachelor's degree in a related field.

There will be a minimum commitment for the length of each internship. Duration of these positions will vary according to the project.

Detailed information will be provided when the positions are open. Applicants are required to read all the information carefully as there are physical demands and specific roles which differ for each project. Some of the RA positions in South Africa require SCUBA certification in advance of the start of each commitment.

RAs usually are requires to be actively involved in mentoring interns and citizen scientists on the science teams. MCERC faculty recognizes that teaching is a valuable motivator to prepare for research activity as well as developing skills for working as a team in remote locations during field work.

A contract is required to complete all RA applications and will be submitted once a position is offered. An example of the contract is available on the Home Page of the MCERC Education Hub. Health and travel insurance will be required. RAs are typically required to cover the cost of administrative expenses. MCERC strives to cover costs associated with the research with the exception of travel to and from field sites. As funding per project varies, applicants are strongly encouraged to read the details of each program that interests them ahead of submitting an application.