Marine Resources Management (MRM) and Natural Resources Management (NRM) Research Assistants (RA)

You have the opportunity to research, design, and create an MRM or NRM plan for under-served areas of the globe while gaining valuable experience in cultural, economic, and conservation planning. All MRM and NRM RAs will be tasked with integrating small scale economic opportunity, stake holder buy-in for conservation initiatives, and bridging cultures between local, regional, and global observers.

RAs will mentored by MCERC faculty and staff in two phases of development. Phase I may be completed via e-learning options from anywhere you are located which has reliable internet connections. Phase II is conducted at a field site.

Phase I is the design of a practical, detailed plan aimed at conservation while providing economic opportunity for communities. The final product of your assistantship will be a comprehensive technical report outlining the feasibility of your plan. Examples of areas which may be the focus of your project include South Africa, Turks and Caicos Islands, Central America, Coastal United States and territories, and virtually any area in the world of interest to you. There is an administrative fee associated with Phase I of MRM and NRM RA programs.

Phase II is open to RAs who have completed Phase I of their project. RAs will have the opportunity to apply for a position in field locations for MCERC research programs in order to collect data in support of their management plan. Examples of field sites for this project include South Africa and the Turks and Caicos Islands. RAs will be responsible for traveling to and from field sites. Costs associated with field excursions vary according to duration and location and will be discussed with each RA applicant.

RAs for this program who are eligible to earn credit hours through their university for this experience may schedule a meeting with the MCERC director to discuss how to proceed.